Work with Minga

Minga offers 1:1 individual yoga therapy sessions, classes (virtual and in-person), and recorded classes for yoga at anytime. 

In individual yoga therapy session the first session will include an interview and setting of intention for your sessions. 

Minga assists individual clients in understanding the trouble they have with areas of chronic pain, injury, mental and emotional blockages and helps them find effective ways of releasing stuck energy and rediscovering their wellness – or perhaps finding it for the first time ever. Most people commit to a series of sessions to attend to their intention. As things change we discuss and adjust intention.

60 min class
Single: $140 / Package of four: $480

90 min class
Single: $175 / Package of four: $595

120 min class
Single: $200 / Package of four: $750

Intake is usually 90 minutes or more to explore intention and assess the body/mind connection.

For individual sessions we often need the following props:
Mat, blanket, towels (one rolled as a neck roll + extra), strap, yoga blocks, foam roll, pillows if you need them and bolster in your practice area.

*These rates are for online classes only. For in person rates please contact Minga directly.

Email Minga to schedule your private class.
In your email please state a day/time or general time frame that you'd like to schedule your class for. From there, Minga will work with you to schedule a class that works for everyone.

Before your scheduled class please download and fill out our Intake Form

See our Zoom Guide for instructions on downloading and getting Zoom set up.

  • Virtual Group Class

    Minga hosts live classes via Zoom once/week on Friday mornings:

    9am-10am PST

    Email Minga to Register!

  • Anytime Videos

    You can access our library of a diverse array of videos for anytime!

    Click here to access

  • Group Class In-Person

    Minga Lily is teaching a small in- person class every other Sunday morning in Portland, OR!

    Email Minga to Register!