Prep for Class

Please review these suggestions for making the most out of our class together!

Please note: I will start the session with audio on for everyone so that you can ask questions.

  • As you join class, begin body awareness so that you can share with me the details of how your body is doing as you begin to follow along with practice.
  • Please pin me so that you can see me clearly
  • I may mute you if your audio has too much background noise (dogs barking, garbage trucks, mowers and such stuff). I cannot unmute you, so you may need to unmute yourself in order for me to hear you. You can use the "chat" button if you are having trouble with audio.
  • Turn your volume up if necessary, to hear me
  • After class 60 min classes are $20 & 90 min class is $25 unless you have otherwise worked it out with me:

Recommendations for class: 

  • a mat (a rug is fine!)
  • blanket
  • small towels (one rolled as a neck roll + extra)
  • strap (a belt, sash or scarf will do)
  • yoga blocks (or a heavy book or two)
  • foam roll
  • pillows if you need them
  • bolster (or couch cushions) and resistance bands
  • if you don't have a bolster and want one, please go to Minga's Shop page and order one <3 
  • Virtual Group Class

    Minga hosts live classes via Zoom once/week on Friday mornings:

    9am-10am PST

    Email Minga to Register!

  • Anytime Videos

    You can access our library of a diverse array of videos for anytime!

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  • Group Class In-Person

    Minga Lily is teaching a small in- person class every other Sunday morning in Portland, OR!

    Email Minga to Register!