Collection: self care healing tools

Perfect tools for self massage, healing old injuries, regulating your nervous system and releasing fascia.

Upcycled self massagers work out your kinks. A lush upcycled silk eye pillow invites you to  deep meditation, rest and sleep. A gift certificate for your loved ones to pick their own pleasure and healing.

You've found the right place!

"I love my self massagers so much! I own 3 sets, and have been know to sleep with all of them in my bed. It’s amazing to have a set under my neck, and then another set under my hips or any place where I feel the stress of the day. Placing one under my head and neck not only reduces neck tension, but also helps ease headaches. They remind me of an ancient Egyptian pillow, which was a prop under the neck that help recipients achieve a higher mind state while resting. Even when I travel, I take a pair with me!" mira f


"I've been using eye pillows as long as I can remember and this is the best one I've ever used. The weight is perfect and the texture enables it to stay on my face even when I'm rolling around in my sleep." Alexa

"simply love the yoga pants" Brad N