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Yoga Bolsters By Minga Lily

We love having a house full of bolsters! We are a non-chair household and our lives are lived on our bolsters. These ones are fun enough to leave out and use every day. 

We now have ORGANIC COTTON and HEMP covers and inner bolsters! You can mix and match an organic cover with regular unbleached inner bolster, or a regular cover with an organic inner. Check out the shop!

The bolsters are rounded instead of blocky so that they contour beautifully to the shape of the body. It makes them comfortable and supportive for your opening practice and for seated positions. The width is perfect for prone and supine lying. They are wonderful to have behind the back for reading, to support the knee in side lying position or under the knees when restoring.
If you live in Portland OR and want to pick up bolsters directly, just send me a message. 

Our bolsters are hand crafted and made in three parts:

The Cover

The cover This is the fun part! The covers are made from fabric remnants and bolt ends bought in local fabric stores. Each one is a limited edition unless I find the fabric again. They have a zipper along the back and a handle on each side for easy maneuvering. Covers can be sold separately: just ask!

The Inner Bolster

Washed 100% unbleached cotton duck and sewn with exposed seams. It is closed only on one side so that it can be re-stuffed if need be.

The Stuffing

They are firmly stuffed with 100% unbleached cotton batting that is hand rolled (it takes two people to stuff each one!) and pressed into the inner bolster.

Organic Bolsters

The organic batting is seven and a half pounds of 100% cotton batting hanadrolled and stuffed into a slip of organic cotton and hemp muslin. Its dense and supportive, yet soft and comfortable.
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We LOVE Minga Lily bolsters so much we now have 3! They are made very well and are supportive to our daily yoga practice and self care needs. Plus the assortment of different fabrics and prints are a wonderful addition to our living room and bedroom decor. Enjoy!

James B.

Well-made, firm and supportive fantastic fuzzy yoga bolster. The "cheetah" bolster is one of three great Minga Lily bolsters I now own: two for home, one for my office. I'm a psychotherapist & use the bolster to help clients feel comfortable while doing mindfulness/meditation practices -- plus using it myself to stretch and relax between sessions with clients. At home, they are wonderful multi-purpose tools, useful in everything from my home yoga practice, to adding a comfy seat on the floor, to making ourselves cozy while watching a movie. So many uses, I intend to acquire another one (or two, or more). I also love the attractive designs and that the covers are machine-washable.

Tamara W.

Minga's bolster brings infinite & unending joy to my life. So useful for a home yoga practice, meditation, gentle stretching and heart opening, lounging in bed -- even sitting on while working at the computer! One of my most-loved and most-utilized possessions. This is truly a gift (to yourself, or another) that keeps on giving..

Sophie L.

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