"I cannot recommend Minga’s practice more! She is the real deal and if you have an opportunity to practice with her you will learn so much.

Her technique goes beyond yoga poses, she hones in on the movements that will benefit your body, she shares incredible insights into how the body works and how specific movements can improve mobility, reduce anxiety and support so many different functions of our holistic systems.

She is not only the best yoga teacher I have ever had, she is also an incredibly caring and nurturing person. I have gained a deeper relationship with my body through her classes and have felt an immense sense of relief and improvement in my well being because of her teachings. Thank you Minga!" - Thalia Martinez


"I have been a client of Minga's for several years and she is amazing as a yoga therapist. She gives both highly targeted and holistic guidance and support for my well-being, with an integrated mind/body approach. Minga helps me with exercises (stretches, foam rolling, and strengthening) to address my physical challenges, prevent injuries and increase circulation and strength. I've worked with Minga in person, in group classes, and online for the past 8 months and all methods are great because Minga is an inspired teacher and coach. I cannot recommend Minga highly enough during this challenging time when we are socially distancing and not attending yoga classes in person." - Karen Howe


"Minga is a gifted healer. She is able to bridge the mind-body connection in a sophisticated, nuanced way. Minga teaches by example and utilizes her words, coupled with personalized detailed movement,
to help you delve into places in the body that have held stress and trauma and thereby to access release in a profound way. I have followed Minga's teaching across various settings and feel so lucky to be able to take her classes online and see how beautifully she has integrated all the in depth training she has pursued.
Minga is truly a treasure!" - Johanna Murphy 


Minga is one of the best, if not THE BEST yoga teacher I have taken classes from. I appreciate her individualized approach - she corrects and supports the body where/when needed. She hones in on the individual's needs and gives specific instructions for the person. There is lots of focus on the breath and breathing in different parts of the body. She is a jewel. - Bea Rataj Arestad

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