Low Back Pain? This is the best stretch!

Low Back Pain? This is the best stretch!

Supported side opening helps to open the lower back. The space between the ribs and hips often become compressed as the two heavy bony aspects press towards each other in sitting positions that we do all day long. To stretch open the quadratus lumborum muscle which attaches the hip, lower back, and lumbar vertebrae makes room in the back the neither a forward bend or back bend does. Extending those muscles in the lower back opens the lower body making space for your digestive system and kidney adrenals as well. It's an excellent way to massage your organs, relax deeply and relieve back pain all in one!! the yoga bolster is the perfect blend of hardness, softness, and size to practice side opening and to apply side pressure.

supported side opening-HD from Minga and Shawn on Vimeo.


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